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3 Bedroom In 22314 For $1,295,000

Photo of 1127 N Royal St This 3 bedroom end unit townhouse in 22314 in the City of Alexandria is listed for $1,295,000. The listing agent represents the seller. Nesbitt Realty is a buyer's real estate agent specializing in buyers who need to buy in Alexandria. What's the best way to win a bidding war? Avoid one. There are only two possible outcomes: you've paid more than anyone else would pay or you've wasted your time. Continue reading "3 Bedroom In 22314 For $1,295,000"

Comparing A Super Luxury Property In Alexandria In Alexandria, Virginia

Definitely, you can find a super luxury property in Alexandria in the Northern Virginia area. But there are only a limited number of super luxury residences in Alexandria. Perhaps one of them is the ideal home for you. If it's not 607 S Pitt St, then it might be one of the properties listed below. Get in touch with Nesbitt Realty to learn more from the specialists on Alexandria, Virginia real estate. Continue reading "Comparing A Super Luxury Property In Alexandria In Alexandria, Virginia"

60 Wolfe St, Alexandria Real Estate Announcement

3 Bedroom in Alexandria, Virginia For Roughly $1,299,500

Andrew Patton works real estate all over this area but has special expertise in 22314 and residences such as 60 Wolfe St. This home available at 60 Wolfe St now might be the most suitable home for you. Further, you might be astonished by what this end unit townhouse has right here in the City of Alexandria. Continue reading "60 Wolfe St, Alexandria Real Estate Announcement"

How Much For 2 Bedrooms In 22314 In The City Of Alexandria?

64 Wolfe St is located in Alexandria at Harborside. Photo of 64 Wolfe St Ask Nesbitt Realty to look at residences for you before showing them to you. Not every agent will have the time for this extra service, but in some instances, a Nesbitt Realty agent may have already viewed homes this and other homes that meet your needs. Pro Tip: find a buyer's agent like Nesbitt Realty who is a full-time expert on real estate in Alexandria. Continue reading "How Much For 2 Bedrooms In 22314 In The City Of Alexandria?"

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