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Does Nesbitt Realty Offer A Down-Payment Assistance For Military Home Buyers Of $713 On 1604 W Abingdon Dr #202 Alexandria VA 22314?

Photo of 1604 W Abingdon Dr #202 Dreaming of purchasing a home? Wonderful! Will Nesbitt is a resource that can aid. Photo of 1604 W Abingdon Dr #202 On of the best things about a VA Loan is that you can borrow 100% of the property's value. If you are a military home shopper, you'll have to scrounge up enough cash at settlement. That's true whether you're mulling over the idea of your own home such as this condo at 1604 W Abingdon Dr #202 or any other residence like this condo at 1604 W Abingdon Dr #202. But we can assist: I can help with your funds to close. Photo of 1604 W Abingdon Dr #202 But, in reality what does that mean? When you think about who you are going to use as an agent, please remember that if you let Will Nesbitt assist you when you buy a home in The City of Alexandria, then Nesbitt Realty will pay a military buyer credit of $713 toward your money for settlement fees. As expected, details and restrictions apply. There are several of these limitations such as this offer is only valid in the City of Alexandria and certain other counties in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

For some buyers, our rebate can be the difference between purchasing now or next year.

Will Nesbitt is a proactive ace on real estate like this condo at 1604 W Abingdon Dr #202, and Will Nesbitt works for a little locally-owned family-run business. Thanks. We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Also, Nesbitt Realty will pay a credit for military buyers of $713 toward your cash at settlement. Please email Will Nesbitt for specifics and more about how I can help you. Read More about 1604 W Abingdon Dr #202 Everyday we meet people who are PCSing to Northern VA for the first time. We know that the move can be hectic under any circumstances, but we will do our best to help minimize the troubles you'll face. More about A 22314 PCS
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