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How Our Family-Run Small Company Investigates The Background Of Your Applicant In The City Of Alexandria

Photo of 501 Slaters Ln #702 Investigating potential lessees is one of the most important tasks of any reliable management company in Alexandria. Photo of 501 Slaters Ln #702 Nesbitt Realty & Management look ats the applicant’s past behavior. With that in mind, our family operation assumes the prospective renter’s future behavior will be the same. The applicant should demonstrate a history of being a good, stable renter while meeting our financial criteria. Our background checking process is founded on several elements including:
  • Landlord Reference – Our local real estate company utilizes public information, tax records and other research and verification to ensure that we're talking to actual landlord about actual rental history of the possible renter.
  • Tenant Screening – Nesbitt Realty screens tenants with a combination of checking credit history, background, eviction and criminal screening services as well as our own efforts to collect information needed to confirm and process the application.
  • Credit History – The applicant's credit history informs us about the possible renter’s current and past performance with regards to debts and other financial obligations. The applicant’s credit report also tells us their monthly debt and shows their previous addresses (which we compare to addresses listed on the application). An applicant must have acceptable credit to qualify.
If accepted, the applicant’s in-processing includes a lease, lease signing, collecting pro-rated rent, and providing the tenant with a copy of any association documents needed for disclosure and instruction on rules and regulations associated with the rental and community. For a complete break-down our process, email Will Nesbitt or read more here. Nesbitt Realty is licensed by Virginia state and we are REALTORS® Nesbitt Realty also seeks tenants through relocation companies and other methods. To learn more about the full-list of what we do, talk to an agent today. Learn more about about rental property management services


$1,950 // 1 BR -|- 1 BA — 0 HB )-( Alexandria VA Photo of 501 Slaters Ln #702
For real estate in Northern VA, contact me, Will Nesbitt at (703)765-0300.
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